Babylon FAQ


Q: When does early bird registration end?  
A: Early bird registration ends on June 16, 2018
Q: Can I register on the day of the ride?  
A: Yes, you will be able to register day of the ride.
Q: How much is it to register the day of the ride?  
A: $50 per person
Q: What forms of payment are available the day of the ride?  
A: We accept cash, credit, or check.


Q: How do I get a T-shirt? In the past it was included in my registration fee!  
A: In order to maximize our ability to raise funds to directly support the services of WWP the shirt this year requires a $35 fundraising minimum – you can make that donation yourself today OR online in the next 30 days. We lowered the registration fee to accommodate this change and we appreciate your support!
Q: Where does the money we raise go?  
A: You help fund the proven programs that help wounded warriors combat stress recovery, get job counseling and training, and participate in adaptive sports programs like the Soldier Ride, and so much more.

Event Information

Q. Will wounded warriors be at this ride?  
A: Yes, Soldier Ride Babylon is one of only two Soldier Rides nationally where civilians ride alongside wounded warriors.
Q: Where does the ceremony and ride begin?  
A: Babylon Town Hall
Q: What time does the ceremony start?  
A: 9a.m.
Q: What time does the ride begin?  
A: Approx. 9:20 a.m.
Q: Where is the end?  
A: Overlook Beach - Ocean Parkway, Babylon NY
Q: How many miles is the route?  
A: 25 miles
Q: Will there be a police escort?  
A: Yes. The warriors will lead the first 18 miles, then at the water stop at St. John’s High School – the public will pass and be on traffic free roads over the Robert Moses Bridge.
Q: How many rest stops will there be?  
A: Two, Lindenhurst Middle School, St. John’s High School
Q: How can I get back to Town Hall from the Beach?  
A: Buses will be available to shuttle participants back to Town Hall
Q: How does my bike get back to the Beach?  
A: Each participant will receive two wristbands, one for lunch and one for your bike. Please label your wristband and attach to your bike. Your bike will be transported to Town Hall by truck. Be sure to add your name to the wristband you attach to your bike. This is a service provided at your own risk.
Q: What are these wristbands for?  
A: One for Lunch (please wear). One for your bike.
Q: Where is the community lunch?  
A: At Overlook Beach.
Q: If I am not riding, can I still eat?  
A: Yes, wristbands will be sold for $10 at the finish line or at the registration tents before the ride.