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Member Publications


AAPC Members are invited to contact the AAPC Association Office if you would like to add your publication to this site. Include the title, author/editor, copyright date, publisher/city, hard/soft copy/cost.

  • Podesta, Bianca (Ph.D., M.Div., AAPC Fellow), Miracles on My Watch, Archway Publishing, Bloomington, IN. 47403, published in 2016, soft copy cost $12.99 []
  • Dorman, William E., AAPC Fellow, Restoring the Healer: Spiritual Self-Care for Health Care Professionals, Templeton Press, published February 2016.  Click here for additional information regarding this publication.
  • Reflective Practice: Formative and Supervision in Ministry (Volume 35) is now available online (free of charge) at  On the theme, "The Narrative Perspective," there is a collection of thoughtful articles, including an essay on "Narrative Therapy and Supervision" by Christie Cozad Neuger.
  • Johanson, Greg, AAPC Member, has a newly edited book (with Weiss & Monda) entitled Hakomi: Mindfulness-Centered, Somatic Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, (ISBN 978-0-393-71072-4).  It is now available from Norton Publishers at a 20% discount (by typing in the discount code:  HAKOMIND).  It will also available in stores and on Amazon.  Click here for additional publications by Greg Johanson.
  • Pratt, William Benjamin AAPC Fellow, Short Stuff from a Tall Guy - Wisdom Gleaned From Life's Daily Journey, published by Read The Spirit Books 2015,
  • Grose, Gordon, Fellow/RT, Tragedy Transformed: How Job's Recovery Can Provide Hope For Yours , is now printed and available on,, and . It is published by BelieversPress of Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Keese, Peter, Jesus Has Left the Building, Wipf & Stock, September 2014
  • Menz, Robert L., Divine Entreaty - Prayers for Public & Diverse Settings , Balboa Press ,  July 2014
  • Miller, Alice G., PhD, All that Bright Light - A Story of Love, Murder and Healing, Alice G Miller©2013, soft cover, Charleston, SC 2014 available$8.99
  • Sims, Leon, Reflections of Spirituality in Pastoral Psychotherapy, (Wipf and Stock, December 2013)
  • Marshall, Joretta; Hoeft, Jeanne; & Jung, L. Shannon, Practicing Care in Rural Congregations & Communities, (Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 2013)
  • The Dream and Its Amplification (2013). Eds. Nancy Furlotti & Erel Shalit. Chapter Author: Kathryn Madden.Yorkshire, UK:  Fisher King Press. $32.50 soft cover.
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology & Religion. (2009). Eds. David Leeming, Kathryn Madden, Stanton Marlan. New York: Springer Publications. $450. Hardcover.
  • Madden, Kathryn. (2008). Dark Light of the Soul. Great Barrington: Lindisfarne Press. $25:00. soft cover
  • Kavanaugh, Joan L., For the Living of These Days, (Cascade Books 2012)
  • Cooper-White, Pamela, The Cry of Tamar-Violence against Women and the Church's Response, (F ortress Press, 2012)
  • Werdel, M. and Wicks, R. Primer on Posttraumatic Growth (Wiley, 2012)Wicks, R. The Inner Life of the Counselor  (Wiley, 2012)
  • Kilgore, Nancy, Sea Level, a novel, RCWMS, Durham, NC, 2011.  Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  Available at or  See reviews at
  • Poling, James Newton, Rethinking Faith - A Constructive Practical Theology , Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 2011
  • Pratt, Benjamin, A Guide for Caregivers: Keeping Your Spirit Healthy When Your Caregiver Duties & Responsibilities Are Dragging You Down, 2011.  See the website for additional information:
  • Cooper-White, Pamela, Braided Selves: Collected Essays on Multiplicity, God, and Persons, ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-668-1. Retail: $28, Pub. Date: 6/10/2011.
  • Hamman, Jaco, A Play-Full Life: Slowing Down & Seeking Peace , Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, 2011.
  • Hubbard, Mary Dyer, wrote a poem entitled "The Dance" which won First Place in an Echoes of the Right to God (an on-line journal) contest, May 2011, and the poem is now available:
  • McDonald, Ron, Walking in Memphis - 16 Historic Tours, 2010, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.,
  • Davidson, Charles, Boone Dead, and Rising: Vincent van Gogh and the Self Before God, 2011,   Wipf and Stock's Cascade Books. Available at the promotional 40% discount from the publisher's website through the month of April;
  • Hopkins, Paul E., Pursuing Pastoral Excellent - Pathways to Fruitful Leadership, 2011, Alban, Herndon, VA
  • Hager, Terry, DEATH ON THE NIGHT WATCH, a Reverend Rob Vander Laan Mystery, self-published 2010, is available at
  • Knight, Robert Marsden, Balanced Living: Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness (Wipf and Stock, 2008), 187 pp., paperback.  Robert M. Knight, D. Min., AAPC Fellow
  • Muse, Stephen, When Hearts Become Flame, An Eastern Orthodox Approach to the διά-Λογος of Pastoral  Counseling , 2011, Orthodox Research Institute
  • Johnson, Hiram, Tragic Redemption, Langmarc Publishing, Austin, Texas
  • Richardson, Ronald W., Couples in Conflict, A Family Systems Approach to Marriage Counseling, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2010
  • Greider, Kathleen J.; van Deusen Hunsinger, Deborah; & Kelcourse, Felicity Brock (Editors), Healing Wisdom, Depth Psychology & the Pastoral Ministry, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2010
  • Monty Knight, Balanced Living: Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness , Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 2010.
  • Collective AAPC Members " Spiritual and Psychological Aspects of Illness. Dealing with Sickness, Loss, Dying and Death ". Edited by Beverly A. Musgrave & Neil J. McGettigan, Paulist Press, 2010. This is a collection of twenty essays written by theologians, pastoral counselors, psychologists, social workers, clergy, and laypeople, offering important insights and helpful perspective in thanathology. A number of Pastoral Counselors have contributed to this book, namely: Pamela Cooper-White. John Shea, Mary Ragan, Paul Metzler, Margaret Kornfeld, Sara Rieth and Beverly Musgrave. 
  • Leanne M. Tigert & Maren Tirabassi co-authored, All Whom God Has Joined: Resources for Clergy and Same-Gender Loving Couples, with a forward by Bishop Gene Robinson, Pilgrim Press, 2010, $25.
  • Cooper-White, Pamela.  Many Voices: Pastoral Psychotherapy and Theology in Relational Perspective. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007.
  • Cooper-White, Pamela. Shared Wisdom: Use of the Self in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004.
  • Cooper-White, Pamela. The Cry of Tamar: Violence Against Women and the Church's Response. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995. (*2nd anniversary edition under contract for 2010)
  •  Perry, Wayne, and Perry, Christopher (2010).  Learing to talk sheep: Understanding those you lead. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press. Softcover.
  • Perry, Wayne (2008). Basic counseling techniques: A beginning therapist's toolkit (2nd edition). Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse. Softcover.
  • Calof, David L. (with Robin Simons), "The Couple Who Became Each Other & Other Tales of Healing from a Hypnotherapist's Casebook", Bantam Books, 1996
  • Kitley, Paul L., "The Fruits of the Holy Spirit", 2009, Providence House Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-57736-400-9, $12.95, softcover, 64 pages, 2009
  • Snorton, Teresa (ACPE) & Stevenson-Moessner, Jeanne (Editors), " Women Out of Order - Risking Change and Creating Care in a Multicultural World",  2010, Fortress Press.  Many AAPC members contributed articles to this publication.
  • West, Frank, "From Guilt to the Gift of Miracles", 2009, Xlibris Corporation
  • Ritter, R. Hall, Jr., and Gamino, Louis A., " Ethical Practice in Grief Counseling ", 2009, Springer Publishing Company
  • Holliman, Pamela, article entitled, " Why Bother with God ?, published in the Spring 2009, vol. 37, #1 issue of The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry
  • Stone, Howard W., Crisis Counseling, 2009, Fortress Press
  • Steere, David A., Rediscovering Confessions- The Practice of Forgiveness & Where It Leads, 2009, Routledge-Taylor & Francis
  • Kujawa-Holbrook, Sheryl A. and Montagno, Karen B. (Editors), Injustice and the Care of Souls, 2009, Fortress Press
  • Wicks, Robert K., prayerfulness - Awakening to the Fullness of Life, 2009, Sorin Books
  • Pratt, Benjamin & Tower, Rupert, article entitled, " A Contemporary Parable on Good & Evil:  James Bond as Moral Compass ", published in the British Transpersonal Psychological Review, April 2009.
  • Pratt, Benjamin, Ian Fleming's Seven Deadlier Sins and 007's Moral Compass , November 2008, $12.95. (
  • Bohler, Carolyn Jane (2008).  GOD the what?  What Out Metaphors for God Reveal About Our Beliefs in God, Skylight Press.
  • Close, Henry, Ceremonies for Spiritual Healing and Growth . Haworth. 2006. ISBN: 13: 978-0-7890-2905-8, 10:-0-7890-2905-7, softcover, $19.95; ISBN:13: 978-0-7890-2904-1, 10: -7890-2904-0 Hard cover, $29.95.
  • Doehring, Carrie, The Practice of Pastoral Care. Westminster John Knox. 2006. ISBN: 13: 978-0-664-22684-8 (Softcover); ISBN: 10: 0-664-22684-1 (Hard cover).
  • Geertz, Nanette, (Author) & Ierardi, Anne, (Illustrator), Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey. Healthsigns Center, Inc. Yarmouthport, MA. 2006. ISBN: 0-9776583-0-9 (Softcover), $20.00.
  • Helminiak, Daniel A., Sex And The Sacred. Gay Identity and Spiritual Growth . Haworth Press. 2006. ISBN: 13: 978-1-56023-342-8 ISBN: 10: 1-56023-342-7 (Soft), $16.95. ISBN: 13: 978-1-56023-341-1 ISBN: 10: 1-56023-341-9. Hard cover $39.95.
  • Henderson, Robert and Janis (2006). Living with Jung: "Enterviews" with Jungian Analysts . Volume 1 of 2.
  • Karaban, Roslyn A. Crisis Caring. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, 2005.
  • Laman E. A.. A House Beyond Expectations. Bloomington, Indiana: Authorhouse. 2004. ISBN 1418451630 (Softcover) 451 pages.
  • McBride, J. LeBron (2006). Family Behavioral Issues in Health and Illness . Haworth Soft cover, Hard cover.
  • McDonald, R. (2006). The Spirituality of Community Life - When We Come `Round Right . Haworth. Soft cover.
  • Olson, Richard P., Ask Anything - A Pastoral Theology of Inquiry . Haworth. 2006. ISBN: 13: 978-0-7890-2818-1, 10: 0-7890-2818-2, Softcover, $19.95; ISBN: 13: 978-0-7890-2817-4 10: 0-7890-2817-4 Hard cover, $29.95.
  • Parker, G. Keith. Seven Cherokee Myths - Creation, Fire, the Primordial Parents, the Nature of Evil, the Family, Universal Suffering and Communal Obligation , 2005. McFarland. ISBN 0-7864-2364-1. $29.95 Softcover. 256 pages w/illustrations.
  • Polce-Lynch, Mary, Creating a Healing Legacy with Final Words and Letters . Marlow & Co. 2006. $14.95. ISBN: 13: 978-1-56924-321-3 (Soft).
  • Rassieur, Charles L. I Have a Plan: A Pastor's Guide to Counseling Troubled Marriages . Westminster/John Knox Press, 2005. ISBN 0-664-22762-7. (soft cover).
  • Sorajjakool, S. (2006). When Sickness Heals: The Place of Religious Belief in Healthcare . Templeton Foundation Press, Paperback.
  • Sorajjakool, Siroj (2009).  Do Nothing, Innter Peace for Everyday Living, Reflections on Chuang Tzu's Philosophy, Templeton Press.
  • Stevenson-Moessner, Jeanne. A Primer in Pastoral Care. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 2005.
  • Summers, Thomas A. (2006). Want a Frog? Memories, Sports and Other South Carolina Tales . Edisto Press. $16.00. Softcover, 232 pages, with photographs.
  • Townsend, L. L., Bagby, Linden G. (2006). Suicide - Pastoral Responses . Abingdon Press. Soft cover.
  • Welton, David (2006). The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Pastoral Counseling: Community and Silence . New York: Haworth Pastoral Press.
  • Wicks, Robert J. Overcoming Secondary Stress in Medical and Nursing Practice-A Guide to Professional Resilience and Personal Well-Being . Oxford University Press. 2006. ISBN: 13-978-0-19-517223-2 Hard Cover, 197 pages.
  • Education/Training Tapes/DVD's. "Resiliency After Violent Death" provides therapists engaged in long-term support with families, strategies to diminish the emotional distress. "Survival From Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing." Stories of women's lives transformed after domestic violence. "When Helping Hurts." Recovery, Symptoms & Coping From Compassion Fatigue. (207) 236-8858  (207) 236-8858 .