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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces
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A Founding Editor: James Hyde

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Kathleen Greider, Ph.D.; Horace Griffin, Ph.D.; Jaco Hamman, Ph.D.
Bill Harkins, Ph.D; William Schmidt, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Walker, Th.D.;
Bruce Vaughn, Ph.D.

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Volume 8 - 2016

Ryan LaMothe, Editor, Sacred Spaces: The E-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Guest Editors introduction - 
LGBTQ Pastoral Counseling: Setting a New Scholarly Agenda  -Cody J. Sanders 

Stop Switching: Transphobia and Pastoral Counseling Approaches for Families Struggling with Transgenderism - Horace L. Griffin, Ph.D.

Practices of Spirit for Genderqueer and Transgender Christians - Malcolm Himschoot, M.Div.

Queering Intimate Partner Violence Jeanne Hoeft, Ph.D.

Homoeroticism and Homosexuality in Korean Confucian Culture - Insook Lee, Th.D.

Theological and Clinical Considerations of Working with Sexually Fluid and Bisexual Persons - Jason D. Hays, Ph.D.

Teaching LGBTQ Pastoral Care and Counseling: A Formational Pastoral Pedagogical Approach Mary Elizabeth Toler, Th.D.


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