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Volume 5, 2013

Sacred Spaces
The E-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Editor: Ryan LaMothe, Ph.D.

A Founding Editor: James Hyde

Editorial Board:
Kathleen Greider, Ph.D.; Horace Griffin, Ph.D.; Jaco Hamman, Ph.D.
Bill Harkins, Ph.D; William Schmidt, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Walker, Th.D.;
Bruce Vaughn, Ph.D.

Sacred Spaces articles contain the views and opinions of their authors and
do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of AAPC.

Submission Guidelines:
The Sacred Spaces Editorial Board is looking for more articles for future issues.
If you are interested in submitting an article, please read the Submission Guide.


VOLUME 5, 2013
This issue contains articles that address the topic of best practices in pastoral care and counseling. I wish to extend a special thanks to Dr. Jaco Hamman who served as guest editor for this issue. Thanks also for the contributors for their hard work and insights.

Ryan LaMothe, Editor, Sacred Spaces: The E-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors


Guest Editor's Introduction   by Jaco J. Hamman, Ph.D.

Pastoral Counseling in the Neoliberal Age: Hello Best Practices, Goodbye Theology
by Bruce Rogers-Vaughn, Ph.D.

Playful Self-Discovery
by Michael Koppel, Ph.D. 

Best Practices: Rethinking Pastoral Diagnosis
by Loren L Townsend, Ph.D.

Beyond Axis II: More Compassionate Views of Personal Distress
by James I. Higginbotham, Ph.D.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care across Differences that may Divide and Oppress
by Nancy J. Ramsay, Ph.D.

Exploring Forgiveness of Veteran Guilt through Collaborative Pastoral Conversation
by Larry Kent Graham

Providing Pastoral Counseling for Alcoholism Recovery: Understanding Mind and Spirit in the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program
by Jeff Sandoz, Ph.D. 

Reexamining the Brain, Addiction and Neuro-Spirituality
by Jeff Sandoz, Ph.D.