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AAPC Statement & Call to Action - Board of Directors

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AAPC Statement and Call to Action

AAPC Board of Directors

December 10, 2014

The Board of Directors shares the distress, sadness and outrage resulting from the continuing extreme incidents of systemic racism in Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland.

The Association commitments outlined in the Anti-Racist Multicultural Competencies document are a statement and an ongoing call to action to all of us.  Particularly during this painful time, we want to again affirm this statement and to ask that we all carefully discern where we participate in racist systems, structures and assumptions, as well as where we might be actively pursuing changes and offering support to those who are suffering.

We lift up these specific sections of the Anti-Racist Multicultural Competencies document:

Anti-racist multi-culturally competent pastoral counselors are committed to pursuing social justice and democratic ideals in which all persons are regarded as having equal worth regardless of identity markers, including but not limited to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, difference in ability, religion, language, and cultural or national origins.

Anti-racist multi-culturally competent pastoral counselors are committed to bringing about individual, organizational, and societal changes to undo the devastating effects of ever-evolving forms of racism and prejudice and are always alert for and responsive to persons and groups experiencing new or newly recognized forms of exclusion.

Anti-racist multi-culturally competent pastoral counselors engage in critical self-reflection about themselves as well as the communities and societies to which we belong.  Especially when we belong to dominant groups, multi-culturally competent pastoral counselors acknowledge the privileges accorded to us by virtue of our identity and seek to distribute power equitably among all communities.

Anti-racist multi-culturally competent pastoral counselors are committed to seeking justice "now" because they see the urgency of the individual, organizational,  and societal changes that must take place, and thus ask, "If not now, when?"

Board of Directors:

Pam Holliman

Randy Simmonds

William Manseau

James Vander Schaaf

Charles Lindner

Matthias Beier

Kathryn Summers

Monica Cummings

Renato Santos

Doug Ronsheim, Executive Director


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