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AAPC Heartland Region - formerly Central & Midwest Regions

  • Illinois (IL)
  • Indiana (IN)
  • Iowa (IA)
  • Kentucky (KY)
  • Kansas (KS)
  • Michigan (MI)
  • Minnesota (MN)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • Ohio (OH)
  • Wisconsin (WI)
  • Canadian Province of Manitoba (MB)


Regional Chair: Holly Toensing
Cincinnati, OH

Regional Website:  Visit the http://www.aapcheartland.org/  for information, events and news. If you have problems linking, just copy and paste the address in your browser. 

Letter sent on March 17, 2016 to the Colleagues in the Central and Midwest Regions

As you know there are major changes going on in AAPC.  The shifting of governance from a “national” office to a regional level has provided the opportunities to consider new initiatives in a structure that served us well in the past, but need revision for the future.

Conversations have been going on for quite some time between several regions and within the AAPC Board of Directors about how best to facilitate a restructuring process that will benefit the mission of AAPC. One of those conversations has involved the consideration of a partnership or a merger between regions with fewer members or lack of active leadership providing for a consolidation of membership numbers, leadership positions, and financial resources.

Most recently, these conversations and considerations have come to point of action.  The leadership team of the Midwest region has issued a “formal” invitation to the Central region to partner into one region encompassing all of the states previously served by the two regions. 

As you might know the size of the two regions is very similar in terms of members.  Combined, there are 291 members, certified and non-certified, who are current with their 2015-2016 dues. Over the past several years the Central Region has struggled to find individuals to fill leadership positions and holding an annual regional meeting.  The Midwest region has an active leadership team in place and offers a well-attended annual regional conference.

Given these realities, it probably makes sense for the leadership team of the Midwest region to take the initial lead in organizing and communicating to the consolidated membership. That team is already in place and willing to take on the task of creating this new regional structure.  

The merging process would be rather simple.  The membership would be consolidated in the Association data base into a “single region” membership list.  All correspondence would then be sent to all members of the consolidated regions for conferences, workshops, leadership possibilities or other initiatives. 

For several years we have observed changes in all sorts of professional organizations.  We have seen consolidations, mergers, and closures.   The Board of Directors of AAPC asks for your support, involvement and engagement in this new initiative which we feel could provide a spark of renewal and re-vitalization in both the Central and Midwest regions.

Please send your comments and suggestions to:

Holly Toensing; Regional Chair; htoensing@gmail.com

Randy J. Simmonds; AAPC Vice President; rjsimmonds@samaritan-vail.org


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