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Shopping Cart: How To Create a Shopping Cart to Sell a T-shirt
Jessica Mocha 5/31/2024 10:01:00 AM


The Shopping Cart or Ecommerce tool included in CharityEngine’s CMS application is very helpful feature that allows you to add products to your website for consumers to buy. This will help promote your nonprofit and any events you have planned.


Before creating your shopping cart, make sure that you have already configured a fulfillment center in CharityEngine and create the products. If you need assistance configuring a fulfillment center click Here and click Here  for creating products.


You can add an E-commerce section to any website you already have created through, or create a new website dedicated to your shopping cart.

Once you have opened your Website or created a new website, you will need to create a shopping cart page. Navigate to the pages tab and click the Add New button.

A popup will appear that will allow you to customize your new page by adding a name, setting the type, setting the category, creating tags, and entering any text to help your consumers or introduce your page.

Your new page will show below in the details sections

Navigate to the Ecommerce Tab to continue to configure your shopping cart. You will want to configure your general settings first under the General subtab.

The General Subtab

The general subtab will allow you to customize how the items on your shopping cart are displayed. You will be able to do this by selecting how they are listed, what the rows look like, and how to product detail is displayed by choosing from the drop-down.

You will also be able to customize how the inventory is displayed by checking the “show inventory” box for in stock and out of stock inventory as well as entering a custom message for your consumers.

Additionally, you can limit how many units of an item are placed in the consumer's cart. This can be helpful if there is a very limited quantity or if you are quickly running out of inventory.

Media Subtab

If you have any media, such as images for your products, you will be able to configure the image settings on the Media subtab. You can set the image width and height, how many images are in a column, and the dimensions of the image.

Note: By entering different dimensions, you will be overriding the global settings, if you would like to have the default settings, enter 0.

Downloads Subtab

If your product is downloadable, such as a pamphlet or a design template, you will be able to configure how many times the product can be downloaded and how long the customer will have to download before it expires.

Note: If you enter 0 or do not change the default settings, there will be no expiration date and unlimited downloads will be available.


Checkout Subtab

The Checkout subtab will ensure you have all of the information of the consumer you will need to sell and ship the product to them such as payment information and shipping address.

You will notice that there are two subtabs under checkout, Public and Authenticated. Public options will appear to all consumers, Authenticated options will only appear to those who have logged in to your website.

Click the arrow next to the names to expand all of the sections.

In each section, you will be able to enter a Title and a subtitle or description. You can change the title of the section and provide a short description for your consumers.

Several of the sections will have further settings to configure, for further instruction on the Checkout Subtab, click Here.

Notification Subtab

On the notification subtab, you will be able to configure who will receive a notification of the sale and what type of notification they will receive. You will be able to configure the settings for the Customer, the Fulfillment Center, and any Admin on the website.

Use the yes or no toggles to turn on notifications and use the dropdowns to select the template that will be sent.

Continue to do this for the fulfillment center and the admin tabs.

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