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Notice of Discipline: Troy Petty, D.Min, a Fellow member of AAPC, The Ethics Appeal Board has determined that a censure of Reprimand and a reduction in status from Fellow to Certified Pastoral Counselor is appropriate to the nature of the violation of Principles IV C, E, and F of the Code of Ethics.  





Minutes April 4,2014

Association Business                                                

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Alice M. Graham.
  2. The Minutes of the 2012 Town Meeting were approved.
  3. Certification Chair, Ron McDonald, presented new Diplomate, Patricia Hedegard with her Diplomate Certificate.                   
  4. President Elect Pamela Holliman reported on the strategic planning for the future of the Association. Over the past eight months the Association has undertaken a consultative process to plan a Sustainability and Strategic Alliance Initiative. Many of you contributed comments and ideas in response to a survey you received in November. Prior to the Association meeting, the Board and Regional Chairs gathered for a planning meeting facilitated by our consultant, Jess Jamieson. Several important themes emerged for action: building strategic partnerships locally for members and more broadly for the Association. This will increase visibility, enhance awareness with the intention of enhancing mission and "business." Maintaining and increasing membership is another important aspect. To this end AAPC is contracting with The Hatcher Group ( to develop a Communications and Message Development Plan. These are two examples of how the Association will utilize its resources to position members in their communities to be responsive to emerging health care and counseling needs. Additionally, it will highlight the "resources" AAPC members bring to the development of models of care and community health partnerships.
  5. Pam recognized the Strategic Transformation Action Team (STAT) Martha Brown; Alice Graham, Pam Holliman, Ron King, Tom Rodgerson, Steve Scoggins, Randy Simmonds; Doug Ronsheim; and Ann Martin.
  6. Board Director, and Chair of the Racial Justice Task Force, Matthias Beier, gave a summary of the Racial Justice Survey that was held during the winter.  He thanked Alice Graham and Insook Lee for their work on the summary.  A summary of the audit will be presented at a later time.
  7. The Board approved Budget for 2014-15 was presented to the attendees for information by Treasurer,  Jim Vander Schaaf                                                     See LINK FOR BUDGET
  8. Alice Graham recognized the outgoing leaders and installed the new.
    1. Appreciation for Directors, Jim Hightower, Insook Lee, and Felicity Kelcourse.
    2. The new leaders installed were Pam Holliman, President;  Randy Simmonds, Vice President; Directors Monica Cummings, Charlie Lindner and Renato Santos.
    3. Alice recognized Ron McDonald's job as Certification Chair and installed Roslyn Karaban as the new Chair.

      9.   The meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm


Note: MAP Awards were given before the Town Meeting began.

  • 2014 Award of $3000.00 to AAPC Southeast Region
  • 2014 Award of $4500.00 Randall Frost and Michael Nel Living Systems Counselling Centre
  • 2014 Award of $75,000 to AAPC for the transition plan
  • Pamela Holliman Introduced Alice Graham to make her President's Remarks. Alice received a gift of Appreciation.



Ann L. Martin



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