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Contacts: How to Identify and Use the Outlook & Constituent Ranking
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on 5/10/2024 4:11:00 PM


As a non-profit, cultivating and building relationships with your donors is critical in your fundraising efforts. CharityEngine's Outlook algorithm is designed to give you deeper and quicker insights on your donor's engagement and gift giving probability. This feature allows users to identify individuals who are more likely to engage and donate with your organization.  The CharityEngine algorithm leverages all of the available data with a donor to assign an outlook, including financial giving, participation in events, advocacy engagement, and/or volunteering engagement. All designed to assist you in continuing your outreach and fundraising efforts.  


Historical and current engagement recorded within CharityEngine will automatically trigger the outlook ranking algorithm. 


The Constituent Outlook Ranking is a gift probability ranking that offers a quick glance analysis on donors’ probability of making a donation. This functionality is geared toward major gift officers that want to see at a glance, the gift probability ranking of constituents and take any necessary action. Engagement is considered based upon various data points of engagement. This can include data points ranging from financial engagement to email forwarding, advocacy actions, and volunteering with your organization. CharityEngine will evaluate these actions and data points to provide you with an assessment of three outlook rankings.

  1. Nurture: "Constituent Engagement Low - Nurture Campaign Recommended" - These are donors who recently engaged through a donation and warrants nurturing and monitoring.
  2. Warm:  "Constituent Engaged - Continued Engagement Recommended" - These are donors who are engaged, and have performed an action either in advocacy, sharing initiative or some action that is helping to get your message out.
  3. Hot: "Hot - Ready for an ask!" - These are donors who have not engaged in awhile and you may need to send something to remind them of you. This could include an ask for advocacy action, evaluation of financial giving history, or out reach by the Development Team.

Overview: Ranking Defined

The Rankings are based off the 3 different sub-categories:

  1. Overall rating: considers engagement over a 12-month period of recent giving and engagement
  2. Supporter: evaluation of recent financial gift giving based upon timeframe and size of gifts including one-time, recurring, memberships, and other financial instruments  
  3. Champion: advocacy engagement, attending or a guest of an event, soliciting gifts, and/or peer-to-peer fundraising
  4. Consumer: webpage visits, email engagement including receipt of, opening, click through rates, etc. 

Click on the Outlook ranking for more details. Below are a few examples.

Outlook: Nurture
"Constituent Engagement Low - Nurture Campaign Recommended"
Gift Probability: 11.26% based upon recent engagement with the organization and recent giving history; lower probability for immediate giving

Outlook: Warm
"Constituent Engaged - Continued Engagement Recommended"
Gift Probability: 55.43% based upon lapse in engagement with the organization

"Hot - Ready for an ask!"
Gift Probability: 82.04% based upon lapse in engagement with the organization


Step 1: To see your constituent Outlook Ranking,  Navigate to the Contacts Apps > Organizations & People > Contacts > locate your contactclick on Outlook from the contact card view status
Note: If your Contact listing screen is not set to card view, simply click Viewing Card View

Step 2: Access the contact record to view the outlook in the top right hand corner

Step 3: Clicking on the Outlook will also expose further details of the giving probability.  

Recommended Ask & Rank Sorting

Also accessible from the Contact Listing screen (Card View):

Upon accessing the Outlook for the donor, CharityEngine will also provide a recommended ask range based upon the donor's historical giving pattern.

Dashboards - Development & Solicitor Management

From the [Organization] Dashboard, users can quickly view and access Gift Probability from the Ranked Prospects table.


Users have the ability to access reporting and sorting capabilities through CharityEngine integrations. 

Advanced Filter through Contact App

Navigate to the Contacts App > Organization & People > Contacts

Access the Advanced Filter > Gift Probability tab to expose searching capabilities for constituent gift probabilities


Navigate to the Automation & Workflow App > General > Queries > Create New > Filter: Contacts > Type: Contacts > Continue

Locate the Gift Probability subtable to access one or more gift probability fields

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. Can my sorting view provide sorting by Gift Probability?
A. To learn more about personalized sorting preferences, please see our article Contacts: My Preferences .

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